Principal’s Message

PrincipalIt gives immense pleasure to assert that Little Flower Convent School Panchkula has helped to unfold the promise of a better tomorrow, aiming the students to meet challenges of future. We live in an era when people are glued to their Mobile, Desktop screen engrossed in Social networking on Face Book or Twitter, such that it has become a worldwide Phenomena. Even we prefer to do our shopping, buying groceries and other things via internet. Sure technology has ushered in to a new revolution and made our lives easier. All in all we must learn to harness the power of the web for our needs instead of misusing it. No great thing exists other than the human mind which has invented so many things for a better and comfort living. Our humble endeavour to open a school website is a silver line in the unrelented search for knowledge. Enjoy this pot filled with gold when opened gives vast knowledge.

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